Thu-3-11-3 Effect of Microphone Position Measurement Error on RIR and its Impact on Speech Intelligibility and Quality

Aditya Raikar(TCS Innovation Labs), Karan Nathwani(IIT Jammu), Ashish Panda(Innovation Labs, Tata Consultancy Services) and Sunil Kumar Kopparapu(TCS Research and Innovation - Mumbai)
Abstract: Room Impulse Response (RIR) measurement is done using a microphone and loudspeaker pair and is prone to error due to error in measurement of the microphone position. In literature, the adverse impact of ambient noise on RIR measurement is mostly explored. However, the impact of microphone position error on full, early and late RIR measurements have never been explored. In this paper, we investigate the error in RIR introduced due to error in measurement of the microphone position. We also study the impact of this on the quality and intelligibility of speech. Our analysis shows that the impact of error in microphone position measurement on RIR is as adverse as that of the ambient noise.
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