Thu-3-7-12 Decoding imagined, heard, and spoken speech: classification and regression of EEG using a 14-channel dry-contact mobile headset

Jonathan Clayton(The University of Edinburgh), Scott Wellington(SpeakUnique Limited), Cassia Valentini-Botinhao(The Centre for Speech Technology Research, University of Edinburgh) and Oliver Watts(SpeakUnique Limited)
Abstract: We investigate the use of a 14-channel, mobile EEG device in the decoding of heard, imagined, and articulated English phones from brainwave data. To this end we introduce a dataset that fills a current gap in the range of available open-access EEG datasets for speech processing with lightweight, affordable EEG devices made for the consumer market. We investigate the effectiveness of two classification models and a regression model for reconstructing spectral features of the original speech signal. We report that our classification performance is almost on a par with similar findings that use EEG data collected with research-grade devices. We conclude that commercial-grade devices can be used as speech-decoding BCIs with minimal signal processing.
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