Mon-3-10-5 Improved Model for Vocal Folds with a Polyp with Potential Application

Jônatas Santos(Federal Univesity of Sergipe), Jugurta Montalvão(Federal Univesity of Sergipe) and Israel Santos(Federal University of Sergipe)
Abstract: A new model for vocal folds with a polyp is proposed, based on a mass-spring-damper system and body-cover structure. The model was used to synthesize a wide variety of sustained vowels samples, with and without vocal polyps. Analytical conjectures regarding the effect of a polyp on synthesized voice signals corresponding to sustained vowels were performed. These conjectures are then used to estimate intrinsic dimension and differential entropy. These parameters were used to implement a naive classifier with the samples of the public Saarbruecken Voice Database, as a proof of concept. The results obtained suggests that the model presented in this paper might be a useful tool for tuning actual polyp detectors.
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