Thu-3-6-10 Detecting and analysing spontaneous oral cancer speech in the wild

Bence Halpern(Netherlands Cancer Institute, University of Amsterdam), Rob van Son(Netherlands Cancer Institute&Universiteit van Amsterdam), Michiel van den Brekel(Netherlands Cancer Institute) and Odette Scharenborg(Multimedia computing, Delft University of Technology)
Abstract: Oral cancer speech is a disease which impacts more than half a million people worldwide every year. Analysis of oral cancer speech has so far focused on read speech. In this paper, we 1) present and 2) analyse a three-hour long spontaneous oral cancer speech dataset collected from YouTube. 3) We set baselines for an oral cancer speech detection task on this dataset. The analysis of these explainable machine learning baselines shows that sibilants and stop consonants are the most important indicators for spontaneous oral cancer speech detection.
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