Wed-1-8-1 Streaming keyword spotting on mobile devices

Oleg Rybakov(Google), Natasha Kononenko(Google), Niranjan Subrahmanya(Google), Mirko Visontai(Google Inc) and Stella Laurenzo(Google)
Abstract: In this work we explore the latency and accuracy of keyword spotting (KWS) models in streaming and non-streaming modes on mobile phones. NN model conversion from non-streaming mode (model receives the whole input sequence and then returns the classification result) to streaming mode (model receives portion of the input sequence and classifies it incrementally) may require manual model rewriting. We address this by designing a Tensorflow/Keras based library which allows automatic conversion of non-streaming models to streaming ones with minimum effort. With this library we benchmark multiple KWS models in both streaming and non-streaming modes on mobile phones and demonstrate different tradeoffs between latency and accuracy. We also explore novel KWS models with multi-head attention which reduce the classification error over the state-of-art by 9% on Google speech commands data sets V2. The streaming library with all experiments is open-sourced.
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