Speech Translation and Multilingual/Multimodal Learning

Tue-1-1-5 Self-Training for End-to-End Speech Translation

Juan Pino(Facebook), Qiantong Xu(Facebook AI Research), Xutai Ma(Johns Hopkins University), Mohammad Javad Dousti(Facebook) and Yun Tang(Facebook)
Abstract: One of the main challenges for end-to-end speech translation is data scarcity. We leverage pseudo-labels generated from unlabeled audio by a cascade and an end-to-end speech translation model. This provides 8.3 and 5.7 BLEU gains over a strong semi-supervised baseline on the MuST-C English-French and English-German datasets, reaching state-of-the art performance. The effect of the quality of the pseudo-labels is investigated. Our approach is shown to be more effective than simply pre-training the encoder on the speech recognition task. Finally, we demonstrate the effectiveness of self-training by directly generating pseudo-labels with an end-to-end model instead of a cascade model.
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