Mon-3-11-2 Atss-Net: Target Speaker Separation via Attention-based Neural Network

Tingle Li(Duke Kunshan University), Qingjian Lin(SEIT, Sun Yat-sen University), Yuanyuan Bao(Duke Kunshan University) and Ming Li(Duke Kunshan University)
Abstract: Recently, Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Long short-term memory (LSTM) based models have been introduced to deep learning-based target speaker separation. In this paper, we propose an Attention-based neural network (Atss-Net) in the spectrogram domain for the task. It allows the network to compute the correlation between each feature parallelly, and using shallower layers to extract more features, compared with the CNN-LSTM architecture. Experimental results show that our Atss-Net yields better performance than the VoiceFilter, although it only contains half of the parameters. Furthermore, our proposed model also demonstrates promising performance in speech enhancement.
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