Thu-2-10-9 Cross-Linguistic Perception of Utterances with Willingness and Reluctance in Mandarin by Korean L2 Learners

Wenqian Li(Shanghai Jiao Tong University) and Jung-Yueh Tu(National Chengchi University)
Abstract: This study investigated the cross-linguistic perception of attitudinal intonation with willingness and reluctance in Mandarin by Korean L2 learners. In the current study, 20 Korean L2 learners of Mandarin (KL2) and 20 native Mandarin listeners (CL1) were instructed to rate perceived degree of willingness (1-5 Likert scale) from the utterances (with willingness, reluctance, and neutrality) produced by 2 native Mandarin speakers (one male and one female). The rating results showed that 1) the rating scores of willing attitude were significantly higher than those of reluctant attitude by KL2; 2) utterances of willingness and neutrality tend to be perceived less willing by KL2 than by CL1; 3) KL2 had a narrower rating range on the perception of attitudinal intonation than CL1. Specifically, Korean females had a wider rating range than Korean males. The findings indicated that 1) utterances of willingness, neutrality, and reluctance in Mandarin were accurately perceived by KL2; 2) willingness carried by attitudinal intonation was weakened through L2 pragmatic comprehension by KL2; 3) Korean females were more sensitive than Korean males on the perception of attitudinal intonation. The overall results suggest significant effects of language experience and gender difference on the perception of Chinese utterances with willingness and reluctance.
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