Mon-3-8-6 Face2Speech: Towards Multi-Speaker Text-to-Speech Synthesis Using an Embedding Vector Predicted from a Face Image

Shunsuke Goto(The University of Tokyo), Kotaro Onishi(The University of Electro-Communications), Yuki Saito(The University of Tokyo), Kentaro Tachibana(DeNA Co., Ltd) and Koichiro Mori(DeNA Co., Ltd.)
Abstract: We are quite able to imagine voice characteristics of a speaker from his/her appearance, especially a face. In this paper, we propose Face2Speech, which generates speech with its characteristics predicted from a face image. This framework consists of three separately trained modules: a speech encoder, a multi-speaker text-to-speech (TTS), and a face encoder. The speech encoder outputs an embedding vector which is distinguishable from other speakers. The multi-speaker TTS synthesizes speech by using the embedding vector, and then the face encoder outputs the embedding vector of a speaker from the speaker's face image. Experimental results of matching and naturalness tests demonstrate that synthetic speech generated with the face-derived embedding vector is comparable to one with the speech-derived embedding vector.
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