Mon-3-5-4 Transfer Learning for Improving Singing-Voice Detection in Polyphonic Instrumental Music

Yuanbo Hou(Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications), Frank K. Soong(Microsoft Research Asia), Jian Luan(Microsoft Search Technology Center Asia) and Shengchen Li(Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)
Abstract: Detecting singing voice in polyphonic instrumental music is critical to music information retrieval. To train a robust vocal detector, a large dataset marked with vocal or non-vocal label at frame-level is essential. However, frame-level labeling is time-consuming and labor expensive, resulting there is little well-labeled dataset available for singing-voice detection (S-VD). Hence, we propose a data augmentation method for S-VD by transfer learning. In this study, clean speech clips with voice activity endpoints and separate instrumental music clips are artificially added together to simulate polyphonic vocals to train a vocal/non-vocal detector. Due to the different articulation and phonation between speaking and singing, the vocal detector trained with the artificial dataset does not match well with the polyphonic music which is singing vocals together with the instrumental accompaniments. To reduce this mismatch, transfer learning is used to transfer the knowledge learned from the artificial speech-plus-music training set to a small but matched polyphonic dataset, i.e., singing vocals with accompaniments. By transferring the related knowledge to make up for the lack of well-labeled training data in S-VD, the proposed data augmentation method by transfer learning can improve S-VD performance with an F-score improvement from 89.5% to 93.2%.
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